Who We Are

Cruise to the Caribbean!

         We are Colleen’s loving family and friends known as the “Coll Squad.” We founded this organization to honor Colleen in a way that represented how she lived and the impact she had on others. Colleen’s concern for those around her, even when she wasn’t well, was incredible, as was her ability to see the good in most people and find happiness in small things that many take for granted. Her last five years of Bucket List requests and adventures were some of her happiest times and gave us all priceless memories!

         We also know first-hand how much goes into accomplishing anything with individuals with physical disabilities or medical fragility. It often “takes a village” and many of Coll’s adventures were made possible by the support of all of us in varied ways. Therefore, in addition to raising funds, our mission includes providing inspiration and hopeful confidence to our recipients who need it.

        We also aspire to bring awareness to the difference every single person can make in the life of individuals like our Colleen. Coll’s family and friends were by far what she treasured most. Roles varied, from those providing hands on care or carrying equipment, to the friends who participated in her various shenanigans along the way.

25th Birthday Party!

         Whether it was on an exciting adventure or sitting home on the couch with her (chatting, reading, doing nails, scrapbooking, movies) Coll’s squad made her the happiest and the feeling was mutual. In learning more about us, it is our hope that others can realize their own potential and seize the opportunity to make a difference whenever they can.

         While Colleen is now on her ultimate adventure, we truly believe it is her incredible spirit still that is inspiring this foundation. It is now our wish to pay the gift she has been to us forward. Colleen taught us all important life lessons on what really matters and we know she is proud we are putting them into action in her well-deserved honor.